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Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 370.cJoin Shamanic & Yoga Teacher Alec Davis, and Yoga Teacher & Holistic Productivity™ Coach Tim Stringer (Rama Singh) for a grounding & rejuvenating retreat at one of Costa Rica's most beautiful and secluded jungle beaches. The Blue Osa Resort & Spa is located on the beautiful Osa Peninsula, which National Geographic Magazine described as "the most biologically diverse place on Earth."

Indulge yourself with daily Hatha and Kundalini Yoga sessions, explore Shamanic Journeys in the tropical warmth and vibrancy of this haven, with plenty of free time to enjoy its splendor. In between retreat sessions and yoga practice you will have the opportunity to stroll the beach, kayak, surf, lie all afternoon in a hammock, zip-line through the jungle, or take a boat ride to a nearby animal sanctuary - passing leaping dolphins along the way. Swim in the resort's chemical-free lap pool or, pamper yourself in a variety of highly professional spa treatments. Blue Osa is recognized for its delicious health conscious culinary cuisine.

"Alec Davis brings great heart, compassion, clear communication,  and integrity to his teaching.  He has a depth of experience that he draws from. Alec is a gifted teacher and has a lot to offer all who study with him."
— Sandra Ingerman

"The Yoga and Shamanic Retreat was one of the most enriching experiences of my life..."
— Allyson S. Retreat Participant December 2012

Blue Osa Yoga Sanctuary & Spa

The Blue Osa Yoga Sanctuary & Spa is ranked as top hotel in Puerto Jimenez Travelers' Choice® 2012 Winner

"I loved the spiritual nature of the experience, the calmness that it infused, and the gentle approach to yoga which allowed us to sustain 3 hours a day."
— Cushla K., December 2012 Retreat Participant

Watch the September 4 Webinar

Click here to meet Alec Davis and Tim Stringer (Rama Singh) and to be taken on a virtual tour of Blue Osa and the Osa Peninsula.

Retreat Overview

Saturday, December 28, 2013

5:30pm — Welcoming & Orientation
6:30pm — Dinner
7:30 - 8:00pm — Evening Session

Sunday, December 29, 2013 – January 3, 2014

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 155Activity starts early in the jungle with Howler monkeys and Macaws loudly announcing a new dawn. Alarm clocks will seldom be needed! The sun comes up brightly as does the heat, so it's natural to start days early and end them early - being spontaneously in alignment with nature's rhythm.

Typical Day: Sunday - Friday

Silent Practice: Blue Osa observes a morning practice of silence from sunrise till breakfast. This is an excellent time to listen to nature and to our inner voices and stirrings, bringing us naturally into our morning session.

5:15 - 6:15am — Coffee and Tea
6:15 - 7:00am — Yoga Warmup and Meditation
7:00 - 8:00am — Breakfast
8:30 - 10:30am — Morning Yoga Session
10:30 - 11:30am — Lunch
FREE TIME — Optional Activities
2:30pm — Snack
4:15 - 5:30pm — Afternoon Yoga/Shamanic session
6 - 7:30pm — Dinner
8 - 9:00pm — Evening Session

Retreat Cost

$1,695.00 — Double or Triple Occupancy with shared bath (price shown is per person)
$1,795.00 — Double or Triple Occupancy with private bath (price shown is per person)
$2,895.00 — Single Occupancy with shared bath (very limited availability)

— Single Occupancy with private bath (very limited availability)

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 191c

All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

COST INCLUDES: All retreat activities, 7 nights/7 days accommodations, three meals daily & snack. We are happy to arrange a roommate for you. The space at Blue Osa is limited so it is very difficult for us to accommodate single room occupancy. However, you are welcome to put in a request for a single room. *as of December 23rd we only have two spaces left.

NOT INCLUDED: Flights between home and Costa Rica, optional excursions, airport transfers ($40 round trip), tips for Blue Osa staff, items of a personal nature, alcoholic beverages, departure tax ($32).


"The meals, the yoga, the jungle bar, the people, the Blue Osa atmosphere, the macaws, everything was memorable."
— Arnaud L., December 2012 Retreat Participant

How to Register

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 286.b

**There are just two spaces left (one room) as of Dec 1st; don't wait register & book your space today.   Please note at this point in time (November 28th) full payment is required to reserve a space for the retreat. To register, you can go to our Registration Page, you will see the Costa Rica Retreat, complete this brief form. (please contact us letting us know that you have registered)  Make your payment via Paypal or personal check (if you live in the US). We will verfiy your initial registration and payment.  We will then need you to print and complete the full registration form, as well as the waiver. (these can be found on the registration page)  Scan & email, or mail back to: Present Journeys 6128 S. Pilgrim St., Seattle, WA 98118

Payment in full is required as of November 28, 2013. You can use a credit card directly to Present Journeys, or PayPal for payments

Present Journeys
6128 S. Pilgrim St.
Seattle, WA 98116 USA

Or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS — Cancellations made after October 28th (60 days) are subject to forfeititure of all deposit monies paid (unless we can find another person to take your reservation). Reservations canceled between October 29th &  November 28th (30-60 days) are subject to a cancellation fee in the amount of 60% of the retreat cost.  Reservations cancelled on or after November 28, 2013 are subject to a cancellation fee in the amount of 100% of the retreat cost and are non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE — We strongly encourage you to purchase a commercial travel insurance policy, especially for international journeys, that would include trip cancellation protection.

Additional Information

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 141.b

Beginning yoga students, as well as advanced yoga practitioners are encouraged to attend.  No previous Shamanic experience is required.  But you are encouraged to read about or have some basic Shamanic journey experience.  We can send you suggested readings or put you in touch with a Shamanic practitioner in your area who could be helpful.

Prior to the end of November we will be sending participants the updated information regarding our daily schedule.  Our intension is that you have a wonderfully restorative experience during our week together.   Therefore we want make sure that you know that your participation in all of the daily offerings/sessions is completely up to you.  You decide what works best for you.   You are welcome to participate in everything if you so choose.  If you have any questions about this please let us know.

The Retreat begins at 5:30pm on Saturday, December 28, 2013. Please plan to arrive into the Puerto Jimenez Airport no later than 3:30 pm. This will give you time to get settled-in a little bit before the retreat starts at 5:30 pm. The retreat activities ends Friday January 3th around 9:00 pm, with departures on Saturday morning January 4th. We strongly suggest that you fly into San Jose, Costa Rica the day before the retreat starts and spend the night in San Jose, and then fly from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez on Saturday December 28th. This will allow you to have a much more relaxed traveling experience, with no worries about delayed or cancelled flights. Please contact us for suggested places to stay in San Jose for that one night.

Optional Activities At Blue Osa

Optional Activities are not covered in the cost of this retreat. Several of these activities depend on the number of people who sign up for them and can be determined during course.

Rent a Kayak ~ Rent a Bike ~ Rent a Surf Board ~ Jungle 1/2 Day Hike ~ Chocolate Tour ~ Mangrove Kayak Exploration ~ Horseback Riding ~ Bike Riding ~ Rio Nuevo - La Balsa Bike Riding Adventure ~ Bird Watching ~ Golfo Dulce Boat Tour and Osa Wildlife Sanctuary / Monkey Tour ~ Surfing Lessons ~ Tree Climbing ~ Waterfall Rappel ~ Snorkeling Tour by car or bike ~ Sunset Dolphin Watch Kayak Experience ~ Sunset Dolphin Watch Tour by Boat ~ Mangrove and Sunset Dolphin Watch Kayak Combo ~ Intense Kayak Adventure ~ Full Day Snorkeling & Coastal Exploration ~ Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving at the Isla del Caño ~ Discover Scuba in Costa Inshore ~ Sport Fishing ~ Offshore Sport Fishing ~ Matapalo Day Hike ~ Rainforest Treks ~ Full-Day Excursion (with guide) to Corcovado National Park

How to Get to Blue Osa?

If you are traveling from somewhere in the North America and would like some suggestions regarding booking your flights, or when a good time might be to purchase your ticket from your home city to San Jose contact Alec at Present Journeys.  Alec worked in the travel/airline industry for 20 years and is very happy to share some of the many tips on getting the best airfare, as well as booking a hotel in San Jose for an extra night or two.  

Upon your arrival into San Jose at Juan Santamaria International Airport, you then need to make a connection that will bring you down to the Osa Peninsula. Blue Osa's preferred air carrier in Costa Rica is Nature Air. Nature Air is a very safe and customer service oriented airline that services all of Costa Rica. Nature Air takes pride in serving not only their customers, but also the environment as well, as they are the only airline in the entire world that has reduced their carbon footprint to zero (something which, as an Eco-Hotel, Blue Osa greatly admires and appreciates).  *Alec's personal preference is Sansa Airlines. (then you don't have to change airports)

When booking your flight (on Nature Air), please be sure to book your shuttle (cost $5) from Juan Santamaria International Airport to the Tobias Bolanos Airport in the San Jose suburb of Pavas where they are located. If you would rather not take a shuttle, you can also hail a taxi to take you from the one airport to the other- simply tell the driver that you want to go Nature Air, and they will take you there, no problem. The taxi ride costs about $20. You can book flights on Nature Air here:

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 231

As mentioned above the other air travel alternative is Sansa Airlines. Sansa's advantage in comparison to Nature Air is that they fly out of a terminal that is adjacent to the main Juan Santamaria International Airport where you will be arriving. You can click here to find out more information on Sansa. You can find them here:

It should be noted that there are no late afternoon or evening flights from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez from either Nature Air or Sansa Air (the last flight into Puerto Jimenez leaves San Jose at approximately 3:00 in the afternoon), so visitors arriving into the Juan Santamaria International Airport in the late afternoon or evening should take this into consideration and may need to stay overnight in a hotel in San Jose. You should also know that there is a baggage limit (including carry-on's) enforced on both Air Carriers. With Sansa the baggage limit (including carryon's) is 26 pounds (with baggage over 26 pounds incurring a surcharge of $1.00 per pound). Nature Air's baggage limit is a slightly more generous 40 pounds. Nonetheless and either way- pack light!! (Remember- we're 8 degrees North of the equator, so how much in the way of clothes will you need in the tropics?)

If you have some flexibilty with your travel dates that will assist you in finding the best fares between your home and San Jose.

Again, if you have any questions regarding booking your flights feel free to contact Alec at Present Journey, and he could offer you his insights as well as suggestions.

After you arrive at the Puerto Jimenez airport you can take a taxi to Blue Osa or make arrangements with Blue Osa to pick you up in their shuttle ($20 one way). Please book your return flight for January 6th  departing San Jose at 1:00pm or later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 400.b

How are the bathrooms situated?
Some bathrooms are contained in the bedroom (like a typical hotel room). Some bathrooms are shared between 2 or 3 bedrooms. These bathrooms are "private" in the sense that only one person at a time uses the bathroom. They are NOT "community" bathrooms with multiple showers and toilets.

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel to Costa Rica?
As of December 31, 2002 all Canadian, US and EU citizens who travel to Costa Rica for tourism and pleasure purposes need a valid passport. A visa is not required.

Do I need any shots before visiting Costa Rica?
You do not need any shots or vaccines before visiting Costa Rica. However, we always suggest speaking with your Doctor and referring to the World Health Organization's website before traveling anywhere.

How much money should I convert to local currency?
For Americans, it is really not necessary to convert any money to local currency (colones) as all businesses happily accept U.S. dollars (however, expect your change to be in colones). The current rate of exchange fluctuates around 500 colones for every 1 US dollar.

Should I drive to Blue Osa from San José?
Driving to Blue Osa from San Jose is a wonderful way to view and experience the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Contrary to some of the stories that you hear about Costa Rican roads, the fact is that Costa Rica actually has a very stable infrastructure with a great road and highway system so, if you've got the time and patience for the 7 - 10 hour drive- we would highly suggest it! For directions and maps, please ask the car rental agency. They will be very happy to help and provide you with directions and, once out of San Jose, you will have no problems finding your way to the Osa Peninsula. You can even take a different way back to San Jose from the route you took to come down here. We recommend driving one way over the mountains on the Interamericana Highway, leading through to San Isidro, and then driving back up the coast through Quepos and Manuel Antonio on your way back to San Jose.

How long is the flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez?
A much simpler, faster, and more direct route to getting to Puerto Jimenez from Sam Jose is to use one of the two trusted air-carriers Costa Rica has to offer-Nature Air and Sansa. Both of these air-carriers offer numerous flights daily from Sam Jose to Puerto Jimenez, with the one-way trip taking approximately 50 minutes. It should be noted, however, that there are no late afternoon or evening flights with either air-carrier (the last flight into Jimenez is at approximately 3 in the afternoon), so visitors arriving into the country in the late afternoon or evening should take this into consideration.

How much baggage can I bring?
There is a 27-pound baggage limit (including carry-on's) enforced on the "incountry" flight to/from Blue Osa. Baggage over 15 - 25 pounds (depending on the rate of your fare) will incur a surcharge, so pack light! (Besides, how much clothing does a person really need in the tropics??)

Feb2013 265.bWhat should I pack?
Less is always more in Costa Rica. The tropical climate makes it very comfortable, if not necessary, to wear light weighted clothing, with sandals also being the norm rather than shoes. Blue Osa also has a gift shop that will have many items available for purchase as well. YOGA MATS - should you decide not to bring your own - can be rented or purchased from Blue Osa for the same amount of $30.

Is there a departure tax when leaving Costa Rica?
There is a departure tax when leaving Costa Rica that must be paid at Juan Santa Maria International Airport. This fee is $29 USD and is payable in either colons or U.S. dollars.  (use your credit card/not debit card, or pay cash)

What is the weather like at Blue Osa?
The Osa Peninsula is characterized by warm, breezy days, with highs between 82 - 92 degrees, and lows in the range of 75 - 85. Please take note, however, that the Osa Peninsula IS part of the rain forest, and is surrounded by jungle, so humidity is also a factor that should be taken into consideration. The middle of December to the end of April is summer season here at Blue Osa, and excellent sunny weather can be guaranteed. Indeed, in this time it is rare that it will rain at all. In the "green season", which usually runs from May through to November, it will generally rain three to four times a week, usually in the late afternoon and early evening. All outdoors activities are still offered, however, as the rain is very warm and actually quite pleasant. This is probably the best time to experience a true rain forest.

What kind of credit cards and ATM cards are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards are accepted at Blue Osa. Should you be in need of cash, the Banco Nacional in Puerto Jimenez does have an ATM cash machine, however it is often in need of servicing. We recommend bringing whatever money you need with you, as all of our rooms are equipped with secure safes for your valuables. Canadians should also be aware that the ATM at the Banco Nacional in Jimenez does not recognize Canadian debit cards.

Is there laundry service at Blue Osa?
Laundry service is available at Blue Osa. Please expect them to be returned within 24 - 48 hours.Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 127.b

Do I need to tip?
Tips for services rendered are always welcome, and are very much appreciated by our hard working staff. Unless specified, we pool all the tips at the end of every week and divide them equally among the staff members.

What kind of food do you serve?
Blue Osa serves nutritious and healthy food, leaning more towards a vegetarian diet, but also provides fresh fish and chicken dishes at dinner times as well. They also try to integrate as much organic food into our menu as possible that comes from the local farmers. Please advise us on any dietary restrictions that you may have prior to your visit to Blue Osa.

Is there air conditioning at Blue Osa?
Blue Osa does not have air conditioning. They are a low impact, beachfront eco hotel, and work rigorously to reduce their carbon footprint and our impact on the surrounding environment. Thus, each of our rooms is equipped with a ceiling fan, and the architectural design of Blue Osa allows for the constant flow of air through screen walls, creating a fresh and breezy environment. So while it may come as a shock to some that Blue Osa does NOT have air-conditioning, we have found that the vast majority of our guests are always quite comfortable.

Are there TV's in the rooms?
At Blue Osa, we focus more on rest & relaxation and peace & tranquility; with communing with nature and getting back in touch with ones inner self. Thus, they do NOT have TV at Blue Osa.

Are there hair dryers in the rooms?Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 173.b
There are no hair dryers at Blue Osa available. Blue Osa is operated by solar power and as such, we have minimal power usage.

Are there phones in the rooms?
While there are no phones in the rooms, guests are more than welcome to make calls at our office for a nominal fee.

Do you have Internet or phone access?
Blue Osa does have phone and wireless internet access, both of which will be provided in the main office. We do invite you to leave your cell phones and lap tops at home and "unplug" from your life while you are on your retreat. One of our aims is to take full advantage of this isolation to concentrate on the peace and wilderness experience as it can (and should!) be appreciated. Come, disconnect and decompress!

Is Blue Osa near the ocean?
Blue Osa is situated right on the beach, with tropical rainforest surrounding us on every other side.

Can I swim in the ocean? What is the ocean and beach like?
The property is situated right on the beach with the ocean being less than 100 meters from your lodging, making it easy for guests to wake up in the morning at sun rise, and stroll down to the ocean for a morning swim as the jungle awakens. The beach is normally quite deserted, very scenic and serene, and offers some wonderful walking and exploring. Happily too, where Blue Osa is situated there are no rip tides or undercurrents, which makes for some excellent swimming.

Can I sunbath nude on your beach?
The beach is very quiet and normally quite deserted. You will see the occasional fisherman or family strolling by, usually on Sundays or holidays. If you do decide to sunbathe nude, we ask that you be sensitive to anyone that walks by, and to respect the local Catholic customs of the country. Blue Osa asks any guests wanting to sunbathe nude to practice "conscious nudity".

Can I Surf?
Blue Osa has world-class surfing right in front our property. They provide surf boards for rental, and can even arrange for you to take surf lessons for those interested in learning. They also provide Kayaks and Fishing gear for rental as well.

Ecotourism: What is it?
Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural places, which conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people. Blue Osa practices sustainable tourism through recycling, water conservation, low impact tourism, organic gardening and education to our guests through awareness on and off the property. We ask, all guests who come to visit Blue Osa and the Osa Peninsula to help us in keeping this beautiful environment pristine.

Costa Rica Retreat 2012-2013 208.b

Payment Method

*For participants outside of the United States - when you click, please designate your payment amount prior to filling out the payment form - thank you

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