Kerry Keegan

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind is a faithful servant.” A. Einstein

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As a visionary, intuitive, metaphysician, yoga teacher, and intuitive business consultant with over 25 years’ experience,  I delight in sharing my experience, wisdom, and spiritual guidance with you.  If you are a curious inquistive, individual, spiritual student and are interested in taking your next evolutionary steps I am interested in exploring with you new tools and information to make that path easier, happier and joyous.

Kerry.pic-webKerry is often described as a gifted healer who walks in two worlds. Since childhood, she has retained a conscious awareness of teachers and spirit beings available in the subtle realms here to assist us in navigating our conscious evolution, should we so choose.  The tools, techniques and information presented in Present Journeys Retreats and Workshops is, and draws upon an eclectic melding of her early experiences with other teachings and mentors, including Christiane Northrup author of "Our Bodies, Ourselves", the Crimson Circle and the teachings in Jim and Roxane Self's Mastering Alchemy work.

Kerry also delights in walking through present ordinary reality.  Previously she founded and ran a successful specialty masonry contracting company, which she later sold.  She went on to develop a small business consulting practicing, concurrently developing an intuitive consulting practice and founding a yoga studio in southern Maine.

Kerry is a recognized healer and teacher in the field of spiritual development and new energy consciousness. Her practice is dedicated to welcoming home our spirits into our human bodies with clarity, love and light.

Kerry  gratefully shares her gifts at Present Journeys with Alec Davis~  Kerry is a mother of three and currently lives and teaches in the Seattle area.

"Because of Kerry's abilities, I walk away from her readings feeling empowered and hopeful about myself and life in general. I always feel lighter and motivated. Her readings give me a sense of unconditional universal acceptance of who I am ..." D.G.

"Kerry's readings have helped our family over a number of years. Her insight and gentle manner help us know ourselves and situations better. With Kerry's guidance we have been able to follow our hearts while listening to ourselves. She has strong intuition and wisdom of how to help others listen to theirs." scenery 01 hd pictures 166178

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