Welcome Home

Here you are
A delicious moment on your present journey
a journey we call Awakening
as you become ever more aligned with the brilliant, loving light that you are

we welcome, invite, and encourage you to bring and to share yourself 
wherever you are on your journey
to experience laughter, joy, yoga, dance, beauty, drumming, fire, music, jouneys, earth, meditation, water, breath, silence and you
Learn with us
Share with us
Remember yourself
While ENJOYING some of the most exquisite treasures mother earth has to offer
Let’s inspire each other with our gifts of presence and
welcome our spirits home

Breathe     Balance      Ease 

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 Global Retreats
 Local Workshops
 Personal Sessions
 Rituals, Celebrations, Dance and Yoga

 Alchemy  - infusing any object, thought, emotion or idea with light, love and intention to transmute it into some loved and of great value


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